To become a skilled batsman, finding the right type of cricket bat online or in-store is essential. The right bat can not only improve your batting skills, it can increase your score performance and provide more power behind your hits. The struggle is real when it comes to choosing a bat. However, there are things you can do in order to make sure that you’re purchasing the right one for your needs.

The best bat for one player is not the one for another player. Selecting the right one takes time and lots of tries. However, knowledge of your game will help you to improve on the perfect match faster. It's easy to get confused about what blade to use when you're just starting out playing, but this article explains how to start several factors to consider before purchasing a cricket bat.

Cricket Bat online


At the start, ascertain the type of ball you wish to use with your cricket bat. If you plan on using a tennis ball, then purchase a tennis-style bat. You may need an even thicker club if you're considering using a leather ball for play.

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It's important to choose a bat that matches your height. If you are an adult, go for a full-size bat, if you are 11 or 12, a 6 size will be ideal for you and if you're smaller, go for sizes 4 or 5. The sizes vary depending on the size of the blade and the size of the handle

Cricket Bat online

Wood used

Cricket bats are made from willow. Willow varieties include English and Kashmir willow, but the most popular variety is English because it is softer and more fibrous than Kashmir willow. An English willow bat is softer and less grainy than a Kashmir willow bat. But for an untrained eye, it can be difficult to differentiate between the two. Kashmir willow bats are cheaper than English willow, but heavier. As you learn the sport and become better at it, your need for an English willow bat grows.


Weight ultimately affects a hitter's performance. English willow bats are lighter, so they move faster and allow for more control of the bat, while heavier Kashmiri bats have more heft to provide power but require better handling skills. However, weight is highly subjective: it varies with factors such as body type, batting style or position on the field. It's possible that you will feel more comfortable using a heavier bat, though you might not know that unless you've practiced batting with one. Remember how Sachin Tendulkar used a very heavy bat, even though he was shorter than most of his contemporaries?

Cricket Bat online


Wood quality can be determined by the grain of the willow bat. The higher number corresponds to older and better quality willow that provides superior performance, though it wears less quickly than an example with low numbers. 10+ grains are player-quality, while anything below 6 is considered good enough for practice but not good enough for league play.

Batting Style and Sweet Spots

Every bat has a sweet spot, meaning the ideal area you would hit the ball to generate maximum timing. Some bats can have their sweet spot on the top of it, while others will have it in different places that are unique to each player. Batting style should be considered when deciding what type of bat is best for you because some players prefer using

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The bat's handle absorbs the shock from a 100 mph ball hitting the swinging bat. The right handle needs to be:

  • Provide the right grip for your style of shooting and type of shots
  • Absorb Maximum shock


There are two types of handles, round and oval. Oval handles provide the best grip along with a directional feel, but they’re tough to use. A round handle is better for the bottom hand and provides more control. Those who are used to a hard hitting style will find it appropriate. Different people have different hand sizes, which should be taken into consideration when buying a bat. Batsmen with small hands often go for thinner handles or even custom-made handles. The length of the handle is also important and entirely depends on what you are comfortable with. Longer handles provide better pickup and reach at the cost of increased weight.

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Bat handles are not all the same. By changing grips, you can adjust the handle thickness to be more comfortable for your personal hand size. Pick a grip that is best suited for your bat speed preference and adjust your bat weight accordingly.

Toe Guard

cricket bat online

The toe region of the bat contains less wood than that in other regions, and this accounts for the relative ease at which most strokes can be played there. Nevertheless, when facing yorkers, one must use his toes to ensure a fast ball does not chip or split the bat. The bat may even crack on impact. Although, it is important to attach a toe guard.

Cricketers in Australia need to be on the lookout for their bat's health, as they can get damaged in high-speed collisions with balls. If your blade is discolored or the surface has a few cracks, it may not affect the game if you take care of it properly and avoid mistimed strokes and misuse. Remember to store your bat correctly and maintain it.



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