Athletes face many challenges when they try to maintain fitness during the off-seasons here in Australia. It’s important to get enough sleep, so your body can recover from months of challenging workouts. To maintain fitness and reduce the risk of injury, it’s key to stay in shape during the season.

Efforts to improve your fitness in the off season are not all alike.

The type of workout you are looking for will depend on:

  1. How many weeks are left before the next season starts.
  2. What improvements do you want to make physically before the next season begins.
  3. If you have any past history of injury, or if your doctor, coach, or physical therapist has given you specific advice about the type of activity that will be safe for your body.

Your training plan will vary depending on your needs, but these tips are the essentials:



You must allow your body to recover from the pressure of a long season before you resume exercising. Rest is vital. You'll need to take several days off from exercise. The idea of exercise is not one you want to hear. Fortunately, you don't need to run, but instead go for short cross-training sessions.

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If you're a runner, swap jogging for walking or cycling on flat terrain. Gradually add in short runs. Cross-training before returning to the sport you want to play will help prevent injury. Don't start exercising again until a doctor or physical therapist gives you the go-ahead.


What are the strengths that you had last season? What challenges did they face as well?

Asking yourself what went well and what didn't will help you focus on your next training cycle



Many athletes spend extended hours in the weight room. Since strength is needed to excel in any sport, position your hands closer together. Asking a coach or other experienced athlete about what exercises are best for your sport can be invaluable. Doing lunges, squats. Push-ups and abdominal exercises may help you become an above-average athlete.

If you are taking a break for vacations, try to carry on some basic cardiovascular training like running 5.6 km across the road is easy for everyone with the best cricket shoes. Also, swimming in the pool on vacation is best practice to maintain your strength before the beginning of a new workout routine.

Even if you don't exercise at all, you'll risk losing cardiovascular fitness within a week or two. So, make sure not to take too much time off between summer and preseason for optimal health during workouts.

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healthy diet

After the end of a sports season, it is important to keep up with a healthy and balanced diet in order to maintain muscle growth.

If this is not followed, then you could gain your weight unnecessarily, and it will make it difficult to go back into full training.


Being active in the off-season is not as difficult as you think. Consider practicing some of the same exercises

during your workouts, and use personal trainers or coaches to push you a little harder when necessary.


gaining speed

Speed is an essential component to a broad range of sports, and working hard can help you get faster. A mix of sprint training and flexibility workouts will help make you quicker.

If you feel that your technique needs a reboot, it’s important to find a qualified physical trainer who can assess.


The off-season is the perfect time to practice and strengthen your weaknesses, so you will be best prepared for when it's time to return.”

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