Willow is the only form of wood employed in making cricket bats. It offers strength and pressure needed for an honest bat. Currently, two styles of willow are utilized in manufacturing cricket belts. Willow trees are found in many places where cricket is played. One tree, Salix Alba, is the answer to those questions. Join this blog and hear about the Willow War

The question of which usually puzzles players is whether or not  to use Kashmir willow or English willow bats when they decide to buy cricket bat online. To answer, one needs only to seem at the looks of each bat. The Kashmiri willow usually involves a dark color, whilst the country one includes a lighter shade.

The following are other important variations of the tree before we get into where they're going to be suitable for you.

English Willow

english willow cricket bat


Growing up in Australia, English willow is common where soil conditions are soft and wet. These conditions give the wood a spongy texture and provide its durability because of its ability to take in impacts from fast balls without fracturing or splintering. Mildness also contributes to cricket bats strength because their impact resistant property gives them the durability

Kashmir Willow

English willow bat vs Kashmir willow bat

Kashmir Willow trees grow in arid conditions found mainly on the Indian subcontinent. Its heavy and weighty structure may be a result of its surroundings. The bats made from Kashmir Willow are much heavier than English willow, yet soft and springy. This lack of elasticity means it doesn't stoppage well when played with high-quality leather.

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What are the differences?

It Is easy to tell the difference between the two species of willows is obvious. English Willows are usually whiter than those of Kashmiri. they provide the impression of being very shiny when finished. The reddish-brown lines called grain are prominent in English Willows. The shape of the strands in Kashmir Willows is horizontal, while English people Willow inserts straight strands. Impact noise also helps to inform apart two forms of willows. Land Willows have a soft ping while the Kashmiri features a tough and sharp ping.

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Who wins this battle?

Based on the comparison made above, it's safe to say that English willow cricket bats are better than Kashmiri. England bats cost quite Kashmiri and should be kept. But bats manufactured from Kashmiri Willows are cheap and neglected. So, if you would like gully cricket, then the Kashmiri willow bats are good but if you'd prefer to be introduced into the massive leagues then English Willow should be your choice. So buy a bat online which you think is suitable for your needs.


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