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Showing 1 - 36 of 40 products
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Feed Buddy Balls
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Types of Cricket Balls:

If you are a cricket fan, you will know that there are many types of cricket balls available. Some people prefer the newer balls made from leather, while others prefer the older balls made from wool and leather. Some people even like the old balls that were made from just leather and sheep’s wool.

There is also the choice of what type of stitching to have around the cricket ball.

Material of the cricket ball: The Cricket ball’s material is the most crucial factor in deciding the ball’s flight and overall performance.

There are four primary materials used in the cricket ball - leather, rubber, cork, and yarn. Classic cricket balls are made from leather. They are the traditional cricket ball and are still commonly used today. They are also the most expensive balls available.

Rubber cricket balls are not usually used in professional games, but they are popular with amateur cricketers. Rubber cricket balls are cheaper than leather balls, as they are more likely to be scuffed and can be used to play non-competitive games, such as cricket in the park. Rubber cricket balls are not as durable as leather and are not recommended for use in competitive games.

Size and Weight of the ball: A cricket ball has a circumference of 22.7 centimeters (9 inches) and common cricket ball weights are 142g or 156g.  These dimensions are laid out in Law 6 in the Cricket Laws and cover the ball’s top-level professional cricket specifications. While the ball’s size and the overall shape of the ball remain the same, the design and the material keep changing. The size and weight of cricket balls are decided by International Cricket Council (ICC). Every country follows the standard size and weight of cricket balls.

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