Western Sports Centre provides World Class facility to host both Social and Competition Indoor Cricket. If you have, few mates who would love play some cricket, why not come together and have a game of informal indoor cricket and have a nice cool drink afterwards. It is fun, gives you fantastic opportunity to meet up your mates and great way to stay fit.

If you take your game seriously, you can register yourself or your team on our website and be a part of our indoor cricket competition with great prizes to be won.

Casual Lane or Bowling Machine or Indoor Court Online Booking

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Call WSC on 0450227972 or email info@wscd.com.au to book  your slot.



WSC can host Indoor Cricket competitions for all both Juniors and Seniors.

  • Indoor matches last just over an hour
  • Teams of only 6 or 8 players per side
  • Everyone gets a chance to bat and bowl
  • Divisions to cater for all abilities
  • Perfect for men & women
  • Great for fitness all year round
  • No experience necessary
  • Play after work
  • 100% sun safe – cricket played indoors

Summary of Indoor Cricket Rules

      • Each team consists of a maximum of 8 players (minimum of 6)
      • Each team bats for 1 innings and bowls for 1 innings of 16 overs (total 32 over game)
      • An over consists of 8 balls or deliveries (variations may occur)
      • A bowler cannot bowl consecutive overs
      • Each batting pair bat for 4 overs
      • Dismissals are a 5 run deduction from the score


Social Business Hours Rate: $70/hour (Min 2 Hours)

After Hours Rate: $90/hour (Min 2 Hours)

Competition Rates:

Registration & Insurance: $10 Per player

Match Fees:

$90 per match 6 a side

$105 per match 8 a side

Note: Umpires will only be provided during tournament / completion matches.


Equipment is supplied however there are some items that we do not cover, these include male box protectors. All bats, indoor balls, keepers gloves are supplied however we encourage you to purchase your own items or team items that we can store on site. These items can be purchased from our onsite cricket store.

Indoor Cricket Rules

The game is played in a fully enclosed netting, which allows for high scoring excitement with no delays. One of the many positive aspects of the Indoor Cricket is its suitability for children (and adults new to any form of cricket).

      • Zone A = 0 runs
      • Zone B = 1 runs
      • Zone C = 2 runs
      • Zone D = 4 runs (on the bounce) 6 runs (on the full)
      • Zone B or C onto Zone D = 3 runs

The ball is softer than a regular cricket ball, everyone is involved to the same degree (regardless of ability), and you don’t have to be super fit. Runs are scored in a variety of ways, and the team with the higher score after both innings are completed is the winning side.You can register your team or come in as a group to use the facility for a great night of indoor cricket. We also hire out cricket gear at a nominal rate. All you have to do is just call on (03)93635474 or send an email to webinfo@wscd.com.au to book your time slot.