Rep Cricket Academy

rep cricket academy

Rep Cricket Academy (RCA) (School term program) is all about working on the strong foundation set up and taking your cricket game to the next level with holistic development approach. The program is developed on the proven framework designed by experienced cricket coaching panel . After initial assessment, the sessions are planned according to live game scenarios. Key items such as Game plans, leadership, field settings, goals settings, fitness goals are few of the many skills we work on within the Physical/Mental parameters within the session.

Key Features

  • School Term based program
  • Weekly tailored training development sessions
  • 6-8 players per net
  • Comprehensive Video Analysis
  • Fitness management
  • Sports Psychology and mental sessions
  • Sports Nutrition Specialist Visits
  • 1.5 hours session
  • Nurtures mental strength and wellness through guided supervision by experts
  • T20 and Innovation in Modern day Cricket
  • Monthly feedback session and progress measurements.
  • Cost is $35 per session only

RCA Coaching Team

Our aim is to build a global network of future leaders within cricket who can take the game forward with strength, integrity and hard work.

Our coaching team has a combined 40+ years of experience in Coaching and development. They have knowledge and expertise required to succeed in modern day cricket. We not only focus on primary aspects of cricket skills like bowling, batting, fielding and fitness but also well versed in lifting your game at physical and psychological side as well. experience help us to create a world class coaching experience. All our coaches are qualified coaches and are certified from Cricket Australia with a current working with children check.

Please  see the profile of our coaches in the link below.

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RCA Coaching Framework

RCA Coach Framework


Batting: Competency techniques including grip, stance, strong position, balance, front foot play, back foot play, playing spin and power hitting.

Bowling: Bowling competency techniques including grip, run-up, bound, gather, release and follow through.

Fielding: Fielding competency techniques including catching, walking-in diving, sliding, throwing and stopping ball.


Concentration: Improving levels of concentration through focus, goals, achievement and mind games.

Mental Toughness: Through a series of games, exercises, tests improves resistance to external factors.

Values/Goals: Placing a distinct focus on short and long term goals and giving the tools to achieve these goals.


Endurance: Improving cardio-vascular fitness by running, skipping and aerobic fitness.

Speed: Improving running technique, strength in legs to run quicker.

Power: Increasing body power through explosive body movements and resistance work.

Strength: Increasing muscular power, through strength exercise on arms, legs, shoulders, stomach, back and buttocks.