Indoor Soccer

Indoor Soccer (Futsal) is become a red hot indoor sport played around the world. This fast paced sport is ideal for players who want to increase their fitness level, coordination, balance and agility in a friendly and social environment.

WSC hosts both Social and Competitive Indoor Soccer.

We have 2 Courts of 12m X 28m and these two can also be combined together to for huge court of 24m X 28m providing ultimate simulation to outdoor soccer game.

WSC Indoor Soccer Competition Rules

  • 5 players per team, including keeper (up to 3-4 subs may also be used in any one game)
  • As with our other sports, the netting surrounding the court means there is no ‘out-of-bounds’, giving players a great workout as play never stops
  • Each keeper has a ‘goal semi-circle’ surrounding his/her goal, which only he/she may enter. All other players, offensive and defensive, must remain outside this goal semi-circle Each match consists of 2 x 22 minute halves
  • Referee is provided during a completion game.

Competition Rates

Registration & Insurance:
$10 Per player

Match Fees:
$90 per match 5 a side (3-4 Subs)

Rates : Causal Court hire
12m X 28m Court – $80 per hour ( Min 2 hours) , 8 Players Maximum in the court
24m X 28m Court – $150 per hour ( Min 2 hours), 14 Players Maximum in the court
Extra player : $10 per hour

“WSC welcomes and partners with enthusiastic competition organisers. If you are keen to organise your own competition at our venue, please feel free to email us on and Venue manager will get in touch with you shortly or submit a form below”