The batsman typically wear protective helmets with a piece of armor plate attached to defend against fast bowlers. Fielders fielding near the batsman should also wear headgear and leg guards.

It is thought that the Australian cricket team to be the first to wear a white hat comes as the federal government wages war on binge-drinking. Players wearing their loose-fitting green caps for this kind of match, unless they haven't played a test. Those players would usually wear a white cap.

cricket helmet

The cap is often given based on the number of people who play on each side, such as 187 for Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar when he played his first Test match. The number may also represent how many times someone has played a test match.

At the international level, a cap is a figurative term for the appearance of a player at an international tournament. The cap originates from the practice in the UK of awarding a cap to every player in a worldwide match of football association.

Recent Advances in Helmet Technology:

The latest advances in helmet technology have made it possible to produce helmets cheaply, allowing them to be affordable and available for all young cricketers.

The visor is usually made from a 3 mm plastic or fiberglass and set in a resin material. His visor fits into the helmet by being bolted to it at the ears, and these modding are reinforced.

As we can see in these pictures, two of the helmets are orthodox and one is 'funky'. This second option allows for greater ventilation to keep the player's head cool.

cricket helmet

The primary question you should ask when considering a Cricket Helmet online is the balance of comfort and safety. A correctly fitted helmet should feel secure on the head and accommodate the wearer's head with a comfortable fit.

Be sure to look for a cricket helmet that has enough ventilation holes. When it is oppressively hot outside, you do not want to be baking in your helmet.

When you buy a helmet, look for a safety standards sticker to confirm that the helmet conforms to high production standards.

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Fielders and wicket keepers wear helmets to protect themselves:

Fielders wear a helmet when fielding near the batter, typically either with short leg or silly mid-off, trying to catch a batted ball.

Wicket keepers in the sub-continent began to wear helmets while continuing to keep, specifically on worn wickets with unpredictable bounces.

It is common to see wicket keepers standing up to the stumps with helmets on, guarding against spinners and medium pace.

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Description of Cricket Cap

A cricket cap is typically made from textile material. It is compulsory to wear your cap when playing the game of cricket, regardless of whether you are younger or older and whether you are male or female.

It is a tightly fitting skull cap that has six or eight sections, and the small semi-circular shaped rim that points down covers over the forehead for giving shape to your eyes. Cricket caps are often stretchable at the back to hold it in place on the head of whoever is wearing it. However, they sometimes come in a variety of sizes and styles that don't need to be tight-fitting.


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