Hitman 45 Practice Partner Buddy

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Hitman 45 Practice Partner - Tennis Toss/ Cricket Ball Feed Buddy Machine

Hitman 45 Practice Partner Buddy is an ideal machine to aid a player to work on their tennis  shots at home or on their cricket batting technique without needing someone else around to throw balls.

Together with the Auto Return Net (Not included) it is perfect practice partner at home.  

Hitman 45 Practice Partner can be used either with light bowling machine balls or with regular tennis balls, and is ideal for working on different tennis/ cricket shots. Check out the video below to see it in action!

  • Develop tennis/cricket skills independently. Quick to assemble and easy to set up. 
  • Simple but reliable structure provides consistent feed, allowing practice techniques alone for hours, also meaning teammates, moms & dads or anybody else do not have to give hours of inaccurate throws!
  • Automatically tosses ball every 6 seconds with the ball automatically falling from the ball hole, without spending time picking up balls.
  • The first & only feed machine with random oscillator and many adjustable features-launch distance(5-9 feet), height(3-6 feet) and feed rate(4/5/6 seconds).
  • Refine your techniques. Whether you're just learning the strokes, perfecting the backhand slice, or striving to become the next tennis/cricket star, you'll need to maintain or improve consistency, accuracy, and power by repeating the shot and work on the fundamentals. Let’s practice with your Hitman 45 Practice Partner who is funny, never tired, always free and reliable.
  • Hand Feed Stimulation. For the purpose of providing a light, small, energy saving, reliable, affordable and kids/beginners friendly practice machine, we focus more on stimulating consistent hand feed (appropriate speed-17mph,distance-max 10ft), instead of the regular 50lb ball machine focus too much on the speed(50+ mph),distance(70+ ft) and power. It is safe for kids and use in home.
  • Four-stage launch power adjustment.
  • Battery Operated (4 x D batteries).
  • It also can use Low Compression tennis and Sponge tennis.
  • Easy to carry. (Carry bag: 20cm X 86cm)
  • Suitable for 4-12 Years of Age
  • Includes 2 Tracks, Top Track and Screw Driver for Machine Setup  

    Hitman 45 Practice Partner buddy can be used at home, in the back garden, or makes a great addition to any tennis/cricket club's training equipment, and is essential for any aspiring tennis player/cricketer who wants to work on their technique.

    Please note: this is not a bowling machine but a feed buddy machine for repetition of shots over and over again. Do not use unauthorised power adaptor with the machine, only batteries. If used with a power adaptor it will nullify the warranty on this machine.

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