Have you ever wondered which Cricket Helmet is best for your needs? Cricket is a popular sport in many countries around the world and it’s especially popular here in Melbourne. Whether you're playing or just watching, it's important to protect your head from any possible injury. This blog post will help you decide which is the best cricket helmet online for your needs:

There are different types of Cricket helmets available. These include the Half Shell, Full Face, and Open Faces helmets. The type you choose will depend on how much protection your head needs to offer depending on what position you play in or whether you just want a more lightweight helmet for watching the game from the sidelines!

The two most popular cricket helmets models are probably:

1.Kookaburra's Crichelo Helmet

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2.Gray Nicolls' VX Pro Shield

Both retailing at around $120AUD with shipping factored in. They're also very similar in design so it comes down to which one fits your head better (and is lighter). We find that they fit similarly but when trying on the Kookaburra, their visor has a tendency to flop down over our eyes which we find annoying. If you want more protection, the VX Pro Shield is a good choice. It's also got plenty of vents to keep your head cool so it won't be too hot on days with lots of sunshine like this one! And if you're looking for something a little cheaper and lighter then go for the ABS plastic Cricket Helmet from Kookaburra it works just as well but doesn't have all those fancy colors that some people don't care about anyway.

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The Crichelo is made of lightweight ABS plastic and it's available in two sizes (large/medium). The VX Pro Shield is also lightweight but comes in three different size ranges depending on head circumference. If you're going to be doing a lot of batting, then we recommend that you get a hard-shell cricket helmet that protects your face from flying balls better than these lighter models do. But if you just want something for when someone else bowls at you, then either one will do both are around $30AUD which isn't too expensive.


Another important thing to consider is your personal preference. Some people like the bright colors and patterns that come with these helmets, while others prefer a duller design - it's up to you! Another important thing to consider is what size cricket helmet will fit best? The sizes are quite different depending on which company you buy from, so check out their sizing charts before buying anything or ask someone who knows (like yourself!).

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So before you buy your new Cricket Helmet make sure that you know what position you're playing or if you just want protection for watching from the sidelines! You should also decide between an open-face helmet with more visibility or a full-faceprotects one as well as how much weight do I need? And most importantly, it needs to fit right too! All in all, we hope we've helped you figure out which cricket helmet is best for you, and good luck!


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