Indoor cricket is a popular sport in Australia, and it's no surprise why. It's an exciting game to watch and play. But there are some safety concerns that players need to be aware of before they get started. For example, many people believe that wearing a helmet while playing indoor cricket is unnecessary because the ball doesn't move as fast as one would on grass or dirt fields outside. However, it only takes once for someone to take a blow from the ball directly to their head for them to start thinking about adding protection!

Here are 9 reasons why you should use a helmet while playing indoor cricket:

      1. Ball Speed

The ball can travel up to 85km/h, so protection is a must! these balls can cause serious injuries to the head and face. Cricket helmet can help you avoid these injuries and help you maintain that beautiful face.

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  1. Size and texture of the Ball.

Cricket Balls are hard! in an indoor cricket game, there's a lot more running and less time to react when a ball comes at you from just about any angle, it can come off the walls or ceiling, too.

  1. Bounce

batsmen wear helmets for protection against being hit by deliveries that bounce as they make their way back onto them after hitting the ground, but why not also protect yourself?

  1. Lack of Friction

While some players believe wearing safety gear is unnecessary because of how quickly the ball moves on grass fields outside, what those people don't realize is that these balls actually move faster indoors due to lack of friction with surfaces like dirt or sand. The speed difference may be minimal between the two, but it's still there and that means you should be wearing protection.

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  1. Distractions

The batsman and bowler could be distracted by their opponents if they're not wearing helmets. This puts them at risk for being struck in the head.

  1. Getting hit 

It's possible to get hit square on the mouth with an indoor cricket ball because of how hard some people are trying to make contact when batting or bowling; this can cause teeth problems like chipped teeth or dental work as well as lacerations around your mouth that will need stitches.

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  1. Spinning and Ricocheting 

Balls often ricochet off walls inside stadiums, which means there are more opportunities than usual for players to take blows from spinning stripes of rubber right into their heads.

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  1. Long Term Health Issues

The ball can fly up into a player's face when they're batting and this incident alone is enough to cause concussion for some people, on top of other long-term problems like chronic headaches or even dementia as time goes by helmets help protect against these types of injuries from happening in the first place.

  1. Protection

Getting hit with an indoor cricket ball while you're wearing a helmet won't hurt quite as much as it would without one because your head will be protected. Wearing a helmet to play indoor cricket is the only way you're going to be able to keep playing in the future.


A direct hit could cause concussion with long term problems like chronic headaches or even dementia down the road. Plus, getting hit by an indoor cricket ball without a helmet hurts quite a bit more compared to an outdoor one. It only takes once for someone to take a blow from the ball directly to their head before they start thinking about adding protection. So put on that lid and get out there and contact our services at Western Sports Centre to get yourself the best cricket helmet online.


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