Searching for the best cricket pad? Then the most crucial thing is which one suits your game the best. There are varieties of cricket pads now available but it is very hard to find the perfect one. The best thing a cricket pad offers is comfort and protection. Each pad provides a contrasting level of safety, tolerance and durability. The higher the prices of the pads, the greater it will provide you ease and the best quality. 

Ball hitting the pads

The manufacturers are now focusing on the International cricket demand about the size, fortitude and longevity of the cricket pad. The best method to check for perfect size is to examine the knee roll if it is not perfectly aligned with your knee cap, select another one. 

Listed below are the best cricket pads flourishing the market:


Kookaburra Kahuna Players

Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Players Cricket Batting Pad

This Kahuna Players of the Kookaburra brand has been always been the talk of the town. It has always been the best one in the Kookaburra range. 

They may seem quite simple but they are the best ones in the game. They offer a combination of traditional and modern materials that creates the ideal mix of playability and protection. Kahuna Players are Test match players quality (Level 5) cricket pads with micro weight rounded HDF rods and HDF side wing, integral HDF thigh protection and ‘Contour+’ knee roll. They come in green and white colours.




 These Adidas pads are bang for the buck. They have stylish clean designs with maximum protection. This pad mixes a central three-piece cane with high-density foam for a modern appearance. 

The additional features are it is traditional 3 pcs knee roll, lightweight construction; high and low density combined foam for maximum weight reduction and comfort and sculpted wings for maximum side protection. 



PUMA EVO SE Cricketting pad

They are the best ones in the market. They are at a high price point. They have various features like slimline lightweight AMBI wing fit for right or left-handers, 3D flex knee fit protection for added comfort, traditional front panelling for contoured wrap fit and traditional front panelling.




They are best known for their quality and craftsmanship and have remarkable qualities like leg-hugging design combined with "butterfly' padded straps and buckles offer a superior and comfortable fit. The cane rods in these Gray Nicolas Prestige Pads provide improved impact absorption and a Vertical Bolster incorporating 30mm Vapour Foam offers added armour to the leg.



New Balance TC 560 Pads

They are new but had made a huge impact in the market. They are made from the finest Grade 2 English Willow. It is suitable for players who like to play horizontal bat shots. They have a high sweet spot which also gives a lighter pick up. These New Balance TC 560 Pads are fitted with white/red/black grip and red toe guard.



At last, the most important thing that matters is your safety and comfort. You should be completely assured of the one you choose. Your wise decision can help you win completely. Also Checkout our Article on the Top 5 Cricket Bats that you can Buy!


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