A cricket bat alone won't transform into a cricket star overnight, but it can surely help you to perform each shot better with more precision. Therefore, you need to seriously think about the right choice and invest in a high-quality bat.

Here we have a list of the top 5 cricket bats of 2021 to help you be a champion of the next cricket tournament.

1. SS Magnum English Willow Cricket Bat 


SS Magnum English Willow Cricket Bat is the choice of the famous cricket players as it's a good choice for both competitive and practice matches. This lightweight bat is somewhat pricy, but the price worth the charm of this bat. It is designed in a way to reduce condensation with the garments. The shock-absorbing ability is another plus point, along with a scaled grip.

2. Gunn & Moore Icon 


Gunn & Moore, also famous as GM, is a popular name for cricket bats. It has 125 years of excellence in this field due to its advanced DMX technology. You'll find many best cricket bats by Gunn & Moore with a good GM Power arc Bow Face Profile and lightweight design. These bats offer a super concave profile and toe and a full concaved back profile to maximize the pickup.

3.MRF Genius Grand Edition Cricket Bat 


MRF Genius Grand Edition Cricket Bat is one of the best and most popular and best cricket bats for a leather ball. It's manufacture from top-quality English Willow and provides an optimum balance with thick edges and shoulders. This lightweight bat has the perfect curved blade and is made using the advanced technology of f7 massive countered edges. You may find it expensive, but it worth the price you pay for it.

4. Kookaburra Kahuna 


From design to performance, this bat can steal the show every time. Kookaburra is one of the top cricket manufacturing brands, but not many people have heard the name due to the niche. The quality of the bat has pushed many famous cricket players to endorse it. It's made up of premium-quality English willow and has a tow guard in the pack. High spine and big edges provide more hitting areas to ensure that you don't miss any shot. To make the game even more easy for you, the bat is kept a lightweight for better holding and smooth performance.

5. SS Ton Gladiator 


SS Ton Gladiator is a part of the SS Sunridges line of bats by Sareen Sports Industries. It's considered one of the most affordable and best cricket bats of 2021. You can easily find many stats as proof of this statement. It's made up of hand-selected super grade 1 English willow. The highly concave edges can help you win even the toughest matches with the right strategies. The manufacturers have ensured that you have great comfort and control on the bat, so you can focus entirely on the game.

So, now you have a list to pick one of the best cricket bats of 2021. All of these the best value for money, and you can choose any that suits you the most, without any quality concerns.


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