Are you a fan of cricket? If you are then, has it ever occurred to you that how do they make these gorgeous cricket bats? Cricket is played all over the world and various countries make cricket bats. But no matter where they are made, the process of manufacture is the same. It is a universal way to make cricket bats.
Cricket Bat in a Machine

How to make a cricket bat

Why not we learn today how do these cricket bats come into existence.

  • Material

Firstly, we need to know what materials do they use. Mostly the cricket bats are made out of white willow or the Salix alba. It is a well-known proverb among cricket fans “the sound of leather on the willow”.

white willow for making bat

The reason this wood is specifically used is that this wood is light in weight and secondly has good resistance. So, it will be able to withstand the hard and fastball coming in its direction.

  • Cleft formation

The wood from the tree is made into rough clefts. These are blocks of wood roughly in the shape of the bat.

  • Resting for a year

After the formation of the clefts, wax is applied to the ends it. After that, they are left to air dry for almost a year. Pretty long time, right?

  • Pressing and heavy roller

After all, the year of drying the bat is cut into its shape and then it is left to be tortured in the hands of 3 tons of heavy roller. This much pressure is applied to compress the fibers in the willow and curve the face of the blade.

  • Space for handle

After all of that pressing a space for the handle is cut. The bat maker makes a V and cuts a V-shaped space for the handle.

  • Handle

The handle of the bat is not made out of the willow. It is normally made out of the cane, which is vine stems. With the help of the glue, it is firmly inserted into the V-shaped handle space.

Then the spring of the bat is checked using a wooden mallet.

  • Adjustments and finishing

Making Adjustments in the Bat

First, the shoulders are carved and then they sand the bat, highlighting all the curves and smoothing out the rounds and tips of the bat. It is sanded twice. With the coarse abrasive and fine abrasive.

  • Polish

After sanding and all final adjustments, the bat is polished with a beeswax compound. It keeps it moisturized and allows the linseed oil to seep in.

  • Accessories

The final touch to the bat is the addition of the rubber grip to the handle and sticking various maker stickers to the bat body.


testing the bat

The process of bat formation is a whole lot interesting when seen on a video. But reading about it increases your information regarding something that you like a lot. Since now you know how the cricket bats are made, so why not go ahead and share this knowledge with your friends and family.


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