When thinking about a cricket kit, many people think only of the instruments themselves like bats, pads, and helmets. But, what are the other things you should have in your possession to help with your performance?

Below are 5 important cricket items you should have with you at all times:

  1. Protective Equipment

Cricket Gear

Adding a helmet to your cricket gear is important, but there are many additional items to think about.

Some players in Australia do not wear thigh guards while batting, which is insane! An integral cricket accessory, a thigh guard, is a product that must be purchased well in advance. In order to keep the ball on your leg and not strike it full-force with the swing of your bat, you do not want to use this after experiencing an instance where the ball was too close for comfort. Protectors are also important for male cricketers, and arm-guards are necessary on bouncy tracks.

  1. Batting Toe Guard

cricket gear

In this case, simple is important.

A toe guard is not the first thing you’d think of when packing a cricket kit, but it deserves to be because protecting your bat with a toe guard pack is vital. The cost of repairing or replacing your bat after toe damage can be avoided with these preventative measures. Common damage to bats includes cracks, moisture and swelling on the bat's bottom.

Give your gear the best care possible!

  1. Cricket Hat

cricket hat

If you frequently play cricket, it is important to remember to protect yourself from the sun. Carry a hat with you to avoid being in the harsh sun when playing.


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4. Cricket Inner Gloves

Cricket Gloves

Getting proper fitting gloves is important, as well as protecting your bat. Batting or wicket-keeping in hot weather can cause sweat, which leads to a few different issues:

Gloves can make hitting difficult because they get wet, which makes them uncomfortable. Also, after a while, gloves can harden and become uncomfortable when wearing them again.

  • Inner gloves provide a better fit.
  • Inner gloves provide extra layers of protection for your hands.
  • This simple adjustment can help lengthen the life of your gloves and make you feel more comfortable on the field.

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    5. Cricket Stumps

    Cricket Stumps

    A set of stumps for practicing is important to have, no matter what material it’s made out of.

    I enjoy hitting a tennis ball off the wall by throwing it with my hand and practicing stroke play., with the help of stumps and net sessions behind me to ensure my positioning is on point.

    And, when you are a bowler, then it is important to know how to bowl at the wickets., to see your ball's position and to get a sense of the length.


    So, when considering all the cricket gear you need to have a wicket-keeping gloves, Cricket Helmet online, Cricket Shoes online, Cricket Bat online. These are 5 accessories that come together for a comprehensive set.



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