In spite of being first used in the 1930s, cricket helmets were not broadly adopted until the late 1970s. Cricket balls travel at speeds upwards of 90 miles per hour at their top end speed and can result in significant head injuries. Thus, a cricket helmet is an essential piece of equipment to play the game.

 Features of Cricket Helmet

Different types of cricket helmets are available online with different features to meet the varying needs of various safety, comfort and durability standards. Protective elements of a cricket player's equipment are designed to offer protection without hindering their natural techniques.

Cricket Helmet

Cricket helmets are designed to offer maximum impact protection and shock absorption to a player’s head. The use of a grill in association with a cricket helmet offers the wearer protection and visibility. In order to decrease weight, improve visibility, and provide better ventilation around the head, the cricket player has chosen to use a grill instead of a full face helmet. Cricket helmets are created with two main design specifications in mind.

The cricket helmet firstly serves as a third layer of shock absorption. This minimizes the impact of a ball with which it comes into contact. The padding not only provides an extra level of comfort, but also ensures a tight fit, which prevents the helmet from moving too much while in use. Properly fitting cricket helmets are crucial to proper performance. The chin strap is an important feature of cricket helmets, ensuring that the helmet stays securely in place and particularly protecting your face from any impacts.

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cricket helmet

The outer shell acts as a shield to the majority of a batsman's head region. It is made from material that absorbs the force of impact and distributes it over an increased area for minimal effect. The inner materials then take any remaining force, keeping it away from the body.


cricket helmet

Selecting a cricket helmet with proper size is just as important as the materials that are used. If the padding inside the helmet doesn’t fit your head or the chin strap is too loose, shocks may not be absorbed. Cricket helmets often come with adjustable straps that help ensure the best fit. Just like many products, the size and fitting of cricket helmets can vary by brand. No guide will ever be 100% accurate. Ideally, you should try buying a Cricket Helmet online in Australia so that you can order one that is sized for your needs.


Cricket helmets with grills offer more protection for the wearer, while also limiting their visibility. The use of a grill instead of a full face cricket helmet is seen as an acceptable trade-off. The most common material for this type of helmet is metal, however these helmets are also made from a composite material or polycarbonate


cricket padding

The padding within cricket helmets is a third layer of shock-absorbing material that minimizes the impact from a cricket ball. Besides being tight and comfortable, a well-fitting helmet should also offer some additional protection, like padding.

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Chin Strap

The chin strap of the cricket helmet is designed to keep it securely positioned on your head. The chin guard provides a barrier between the chin and the strap. Cricket helmets are designed to be pulled away from the head when they come in contact with the ground or other object in order to absorb impact.


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