Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams, each consisting of 11 players. The objective of the game is to score as many runs as possible.

To prevent bruises and injuries, a helmet is essential during a match. There are a lot of brands available in the market which manufacture cricket helmets but always buy your Cricket Helmet Online from Western Sports Centre.

Cricket helmets are available in the market based on the degree of protection they offer. The safety offered by them depends upon their construction and material.

Let's look at the types of Cricket Helmet Online:

1. Basic Helmets:

Helmets that offer minimal protection for a player's head are known as Basic helmets. A majority of young players use these helmets in local matches. They only cover one part of your face up to your forehead and leave your ear exposed. These types of helmets are ideal for slow-pitch games but aren't suitable for match games.

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2. Flapshelmet:

Several manufacturers produce helmets with flaps covering the area surrounding an ear. This allows you to hear even while playing in a match game. These helmets are ideal for people looking for head protection at higher levels of cricket matches. Some models come with options that allow you to partially or wholly close the flap.

3. Box Helmets:

These types of helmets are available for both professional and amateur cricket players. They have a rigid box that extends from your forehead almost to your back, protecting the entire head from injuries. These helmets stretch up to shoulder level and can be designed with a small opening to allow air to pass.

4. Professional Helmets:

professional cricket helmet

These cricket helmets are made for professional players who desire the best protection in cricket matches. They cover almost your entire head, including the ears and back of the head. They come with a rugged ABS shell that is manufactured using injected plastic technology under high pressure. The ABS shell is also heat tempered so that the plastic increases its density and strength.

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Chin Strap Of A Helmet

chin strap of a cricket helmet

To prevent a helmet from moving around your head, chin straps are available on either side of your helmet. These straps are manufactured using soft material like nylon or leather for allowing maximum comfort to an individual. The buckle used in the chin straps is made using high-quality metal material that ensures its strength and durability. The chin strap can be adjusted according to the requirement of an individual.

Helmet Interior And Exterior

cricket helmet interior and exterior

The interior parts of a helmet consist of foam padding like polyurethane, which is highly shock-absorbent. It protects your head from injuries during bad catches or balls coming off the stainless steel so that they are durable. The soft material used in the chin strap doesn't let you injure your skin while wearing or playing with your helmet.


Head safety is the prime concern of every player. The thickness and hardness of a helmet depend upon the quality and material used for manufacturing it. You can choose any type of cricket helmet online as per your requirement and budget to protect yourself during a match. After reading this article, we hope you have learned about how much Cricket Helmet Online is essential. Visit our cricket Melbourne store for more information.


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