What is a Cricket Helmet?

cricket helmet

Cricket is a game played all around the world. It needs power, strength, and above all, physical fitness. A cricket helmet is worn primarily to protect the player's head during playing cricket in Batting or Wicket Keeping because you can get an injury to your head in both situations. So it is also called a batting helmet or Wicket Keeping helmet. You can also buy Cricket Helmet Online from Western Sports Centre.

How To Wear A Cricket Helmet?

how to wear a cricket helmet

If you have never used a helmet before, here are some tips about how to wear it appropriately to prevent injuries.

1) Make sure the rim of the helmet is at least an inch above your eyebrows.

2) You should be able to see the face of the bowler clearly through the gap between the grill and helmet.

3) Your teeth should fit inside the mouth guard. Make sure you have something soft on hand in case it doesn't fit right away so that you can gradually melt it into the correct size.

4) The chin strap should be fastened tightly so that it doesn't move around even if you go for a big hit. If not, the helmet might fly off your head and injure somebody else.

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5) You can adjust the straps later on or take them to a professional who knows how to do these things.

6) When you are batting against fast bowlers, wear a neck guard on top of your helmet. The neck guard should be the right size because it won't let the ball hit you if it's not catching you properly.

When you are wearing your cricket helmet, remember that there is no substitute for common sense. Don't throw your bat at the ball when you are batting. Watch where you are going when fielding because it is straightforward to trip over your legs sometimes.

How will A Cricket Helmet Protect You While Batting?

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A cricket batting helmet is the best protection for your head against injury. It should be mandatory in professional cricket to wear safety equipment, especially a batting helmet. When you are at the crease, you take a strike, bowler bowls the ball towards you. You take a powerful stroke towards the ball and hit it. The way you move your head, shoulders, and arms while playing cricket is uncertain for you and fielders near you. If something goes wrong during this moment, it could be termed as an accident if the fielder doesn't get injured.

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A cricket helmet helps you to protect your head against injury. It will prevent injury to the brain too. Cricketer doesn't know much about cricket helmet requirements, and he can face a severe injury because of this ignorance. There are different types of cricket helmets available in the market which are made up of hard material, but it is not enough; they should be comfortable for wearing.


As we know, cricket is a game of guts and courage; it needs to be played with proper safety equipment to enjoy the game without any injury. A cricket helmet is compulsory at a professional level but not mandatory at an amateur level. But it should be very serious about using the proper safety gear for playing cricket because it is a matter of life and death.

Nowadays, a cricket helmet with a neck guard is trendy for protecting the head against injury, the ball hitting the grill, and coming back towards the player's face. Some model cricket helmets are available which has fastened side clips, adjustable chin straps with cushion inside it to avoid pain on cheekbones. So follow your safety gear before you go out to play cricket.

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