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About Asics 

Cricket has a global following, and enthusiasts of the sport are increasingly opting for branded products to support their favorite teams and players. One of the world’s leading sports shoe brands, Asics is a famous brand when it comes to Cricket products. Asics Cricket range include Cricket bats, Cricket shoes and Cricket balls and all the other Cricket products you might need. 

Asics Cricket Bat 

Asics is one of the most trusted brands for cricket bats. Asics cricket bat is one of the most durable cricket bats available in the market. Asics cricket bat is also very famous for making cricket bats with excellent quality, and Bat is very durable. The Asics Cricket Bat has a better grip than other cricket bats and is also very lightweight. 

Asics Cricket Shoes 

Asics Cricket shoes are known to provide top-notch support and comfort to the players. The Asics Cricket shoes come in various styles and colors and are available for young players, female players, and male and female professional players. These shoes are lightweight and have a rubber sole with deep grooves for maximum grip. 

Asics Cricket Gloves 

The Asics Cricket Gloves are designed to offer the highest comfort and performance for the modern cricketer. They have a snug, all-over fit, an extended cuff to keep the weather out, and a pre-curved shape for a natural fit and excellent feel. The gloves are made from a combination of synthetic leather and suede-like materials, which gives players a soft, comfortable feel while helping grip the ball. 

Asics Cricket Pad 

The Asics cricket pads come with the exclusive Cushioning Impact Protection System that absorbs a ball’s impact. Asics Cricket pads are the most popular cricket pads in the world. There are several reasons to choose them. One of the biggest reasons is their durability. In addition to that, Asics Cricket pads are also known for their comfort. 

Asics Cricket Bags 

Cricket bats, balls, and pads are usually costly, so they must be protected. Asics cricket bags are very versatile and will protect your gear from all manner of things: rain, snow, mud, and even small children. Cricket bats are very delicate and can be easily broken, so it is essential to have a cricket bag that can prevent them from being crushed under heavy loads. All Asics cricket bags come with a shoulder strap and a handle to be carried around comfortably.

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