Cricket is a sport that requires you to wear cricket clothing and equipment. It doesn't matter if you're playing cricket professionally or just for fun, wearing the proper clothes and having the right gear matters especially when it comes to safety. Did you know that there are still countries where cricketers don't wear helmets? Like any other sport, cricket isn't perfect and there are still rules that have been broken throughout the years.

In Australia, helmets have been used for close to 25 years now but before the cricket helmet online was introduced in international cricket it had already been taken up by players at club level right across the country. The International Cricket Council (ICC) only made them compulsory in 2002.

For some people, it might be hard to understand why cricketers need helmets but think about it this way - what if you had to play a sport where there were no helmets? It would seem ridiculous, right? But of course, not everyone has the same physique and not everyone is built for speed or strength. There are a lot of things to consider - but helmets aren't an option.

In the early days, cricket was more about entertainment and less about professionalism. The game has certainly evolved over time; rules have been put in place to make the sports safer for players who take part in it. Cricket helmet online can be worn by anyone but they are made specifically for the game.

The Cricket clothing industry has come a long way since helmets were first introduced to the game back in 1993. Unsurprisingly, helmets have evolved over time too - but why are they so important?

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Heading/Ball Contact

A cricket ball can travel at speeds of more than 140-150 mph and if it's traveling at high speed, there is a chance that it can cause serious injury to players. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why cricket helmets were made compulsory in 2002. However, helmets aren't just used as a protective measure - they also help with batting and wicket-keeping too.

In addition to that, helmets are the only piece of cricket clothing equipment that can be worn by anyone. The game requires a lot of agility and speed so professional cricketers tend to have more strength than amateurs. If you're thinking about taking up cricket as a hobby, then you should probably invest in some protective gear like pads and gloves - but for now, you don't need to worry about that.

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Eye Protection

Cricket is a physical sport and because of this, it can be easy to get injured when playing at such a fast pace. However, injuries aren't only limited to people who play the game - if you've ever watched cricket on TV, you'll notice that there are umpires and referees who wear white coats. This helps them to blend in with the cricket field - but also protects them from flying balls.

It's true that helmets help players to avoid injury and they're the only cricket clothing equipment that can do this, but other items like safety glasses can be worn by amateur cricketers too.


Cricket is a fun sport to take part in - but it's also risky. As long as you wear the appropriate cricket clothing, you should be fine - but if you are playing on an uneven grassland or outside then wearing safety glasses would be a good idea too.


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