Cricket shoes have become much more widely available recently. With a wide variety of shoe types, it can be challenging to select the perfect fit.

A cricketer runs between 2 and 5 km in every match. Constant running puts a lot of pressure on knees and ankles. You can buy high-quality Cricket Shoes online which exist to prevent the impact of running from being felt by the body and make it easier.


Cricket players need high-quality shoes to perform their best. The style and fit of shoes vary depending on player preference. Some aspects of the shoe that cricketers must look at before buying.

For bowling fans, you should first check the upper material of the shoe. Quality material for upper wear is polyethylene or Microfiber. Polyethylene is a lightweight, inexpensive material that looks like leather. It is also very durable give that it can withstand the rough surface of a cricket field. It will not succumb under wet weather.

Fielders and bowlers wear shoes with anti-skid soles when playing cricket. The spikes on the bottom of their shoes are strong, and often enough to cause injury.

For fast bowlers, their shoes need twice the cushioning. This is to minimize their risk for landing and stability. Shoes should have proper ventilation because of the intense friction experienced by their feet.

Studded cricket shoes are great for all-around players. These shoes have a flexible sole with studs that help them grip uneven surfaces. Shoes that are designed for many purposes also need to have good shock absorbing capabilities.

Finding cricket shoes can be challenging because there are so many things to consider. It is worthwhile in the end. Cricket shoes are important for the performance of a player. Wearing ill-fitting shoes for a long period of time can be very uncomfortable, so it's better to spend more money on the right pair and avoid that discomfort.

First, decide whether you want rubber or spiked soles. - for most pitch players, the spike shoes are the best options - whereas players playing on a hard pitch or synthetic turf must wear rubber sole shoes.

Cricket Shoe Sole

Rubber sole:

You can choose from a variety of rubber sole options. Rubber sole shoes from brands such as Gray-Nicolls and Kookaburra are often inexpensive, which is good for most cricketers. As you head up towards the top of the range, brands like New Balance and Asics provide a wide variety of shoes for athletes. These shoes contain high-tech features not just reserved for spike shoes.


There is such a wide variety in spike shoes today and there are many designs specifically for the various types of cricketers. If you bowl fast or medium-fast, it is important to buy shoes which can handle the stress that a ball puts on them. More often than not, pace or medium pace bowlers will shop for a shoe with a sturdy upper and full spike. If you are a bowler on the team, look for lightweight and comfortable shoes as running fast or spinning in place will put more load on your feet than batting.

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