Are you having trouble striking the ball cleanly when playing cricket? Maybe you're not holding your bat in the right way. Hitting a cricket ball seems like it should be a simple task, but there is an art to holding and striking the ball correctly. If you want to score runs or take wickets, you need to master the right technique. Here are five tips on how to hold a cricket bat when you strike the ball.

1. Hold the cricket bat with a firm grip

cricket bat

You need to have a tight grip on the bat when you're striking the ball. This will help you control the cricket bat and hit the ball cleanly. You don't want the bat to slip out of your hands while you're swinging at the ball. Make sure your hand is in the correct position on the handle of the bat.

Your thumb and first two fingers should be gripping tightly around the barrel of the bat. The rest of your fingers should be resting against top of your hand. This gives you a strong grip that will help you hit better shots. If you are having trouble holding onto the cricket bat, try using a batting glove or wrap some tape around the handle to give yourself more grip.

2. Keep your head still

2. Keep your head still

Your eyes should be focused on the ball and you want to maintain line of sight with it as you swing the cricket bat. The best way to keep an eye on the ball is to keep your head still. Your chin needs to be tucked in towards your chest and your neck muscles need to be relaxed so that it's easy for you to hold your head up while looking down.

If you keep your head still, you will be able to hit the ball squarely every time. This is a much better technique than trying to watch the ball while you are swinging at it because it's very hard to do both things at the same time. When your head moves, your body tends to follow suit and this can cause your swing to go off-balance.

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3. Use your shoulders to generate power

4. Keep your feet planted

Your body should be relaxed when you're hitting the ball. You don't want to tense up and put too much strain on your muscles. The best way to hit the ball with power is to use your shoulder muscles to generate momentum.

When you're ready to swing, twist your upper body in the direction of the shot. This will help you transfer energy from your body into the cricket bat and will result in a more powerful shot. Make sure that you keep your back straight and don't hunch over as this will reduce the power of your shot.

4. Keep your feet planted

4. Keep your feet planted

Your feet should be about shoulder-width apart, with one slightly in front of the other. This will help you keep your balance and it will also give you a firm base from which to strike the ball. You don't want to lift up off the ground when striking at the ball because this can cause you to lose control of your body and fall over easily. It's OK if one foot is slightly off-ground as long as both feet remain on solid contact with the earth below them.

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5. Strike the ball in the middle of the blade

5. Strike the ball in the middle of the blade

When you make contact with the ball, you want to hit it in the centre of your cricket bat. This will give you more power and accuracy when striking the ball. If you hit the ball towards one end of your cricket bat, it will result in a less powerful shot. It's also important to make sure that your bat is vertical when making contact with the ball. This will help increase the chances of hitting it cleanly and sending it flying towards the boundary or wicketkeeper.


These are five basic tips on how to hold a cricket bat when you strike the ball. By following these guidelines, you'll be able to improve your batting skills and start scoring some runs in Australia!


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