P2G Academy - Foundation


Looking for a Structured  Cricket Coaching For  Your Child?

Would you like to fast track their development?

Would you like to have their cricketing technique video analysed?

Enrol in our Innovative Pathway To Glory High-Performance Cricket Academy Program.

  • P2G Cricket Coaching Framework
  • Session cost only $29.95
  • 41 weeks per year ongoing curriculum based coaching
  • 1 hour session
  • Groups of 4 to 6 players
  • Boys and Girls, ages 6-12
  • 10 Levels of progression
  • Video analysis
  • Master class
  • P2Gcrickfit4kids
  • Flexible fee payments
  • Access to new facility
  • Participant discount @ cricket shop


Batting: Competency techniques including grip, stance, strong position, balance, front foot play, back foot play, playing spin and power hitting.

Bowling: Bowling competency techniques including grip, run-up, bound, gather, release and follow through.

Fielding: Fielding competency techniques including catching, walking-in diving, sliding, throwing and stopping ball.


Concentration: Improving levels of concentration through focus, goals, achievement and mind games.

Mental Toughness: Through a series of games, exercises, tests improves resistance to external factors.

Values/Goals: Placing a distinct focus on short and long term goals and giving the tools to achieve these goals.


Endurance: Improving cardio-vascular fitness by running, skipping and aerobic fitness.

Speed: Improving running technique, strength in legs to run quicker.

Power: Increasing body power through explosive body movements and resistance work.

Strength: Increasing muscular power, through strength exercise on arms, legs, shoulders, stomach, back and buttocks.