The rules of cricket dictate players must wear white cricket clothing. However, there is a lot of scope for variation within this color scheme. No two countries have the same uniform, which makes it interesting to follow. This article aims to look at the best cricket clothes for men and women, and we'll also provide some practical guidelines on how to choose your outfit.
First of all, it's essential not to get too hung up about clothes. Cricket is still a game that involves plenty of running around, so you need comfortable and practical clothes for this kind of activity. At the same time, you want to look good and create a positive image for your team and country!
Below we have listed all the possible elements of cricket clothing in order of importance:
cricket jersey
The jersey is considered essential cricket clothing because it sets your team apart from others. That's why players will often wear their names on the back along with their country's flag, which provides a very patriotic look. The material of the shirt should be breathable to cope with all that running around! As well as looking good on the field, a jersey can be used as an advertising space for your sponsors or to raise awareness for some charity you hold dear.
Trousers / Shorts
cricket trousers
When playing cricket it's essential to move around easily and comfortably, so we recommend wearing shorts rather than trousers. Of course, there will always be exceptions, and some players prefer to wear longs. If this is you, make sure they are tailored to fit correctly - baggy trousers will only slow you down!
cricket socks
Cricket socks are traditionally white, but there are no hard and fast rules about their length. It's best to go for knee-high or below-the-knee socks, which look good and are practical. Also, make sure your socks are thick enough to cushion the front of your legs when you are wielding that extra-large cricket bat!
cricket shoes
Just like in most sports, you should wear closed-toe shoes or cricket boots. The latter option is the best if you want to give yourself a little more support and stability. If you wear cricket boots, make sure they are a few sizes more significant than your regular shoes - this is essential to stop them from rubbing against the backs of your ankles!
So there you have it, a few tips on choosing the right cricket clothing for your game which should help you look good and perform at your best. Remember: comfort and practicality first, style second! Visit our Cricket Warehouse today!


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