What's a Cricket Helmet?

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams, each consisting of 11 players. Cricket helmets are used to protect the skull from injury when facing fast bowlers who release the ball at speeds of more than 90 miles per hour. There have been cases where cricket helmets have proved life-saving due to their ability to absorb shock and greatly reduce the risk of head or neck injuries.

Sports scientist Dr Mark Kingstone has said that one hit by a cricket ball travelling at 100mph could be fatal without protection.

According to research, wearing a Cricket Helmet can reduce your chances of being killed if struck by an object - including a cricket ball - by as much as 50%. Head injuries caused during sporting events result in hundreds of deaths and thousands of cases of serious disability each year.

A cricket helmet is one of the most important pieces of cricket equipment and it should not be taken lightly. Cricketers must choose a helmet that fits them perfectly while ensuring that they offer optimal protection during play. You can find some cricketers wearing a wide range of helmets while playing Test Cricket and ODI's while others will opt for a specific styles depending on their batting position and personal preference.

Cricket Helmet Online

There are many variations available in the market which makes it difficult to choose the right one, so what to look for when buying online? We have covered key factors you need to consider when buying a cricket helmet online:

1. ICC Safety Standards

You should start by looking at the safety standards issued by ICC (International Cricket Council) for helmets. This gives you an idea about the level of protection offered by the cricket helmet.

2. Weight & Size

Another thing you should consider is the weight and size of the cricket helmet as this will determine how comfortable it would be for you to wear it during play, like any other piece of equipment, a lighter helmet will mean greater comfort levels and better performance. Look at extra features that are available such as visors or caps which can provide additional eye protection against fast-moving objects such as a cricket ball.

cricket helmet online

Also, ear guards are available in both detachable and fixed varieties which provides protection against short pitched bowling deliveries. Therefore, start by checking ICC Standards, then read reviews from fellow cricketers before making your final purchase decision online. Remember quality comes first so ensure that helmets meet all international standards regarding safety and performance.

3. Material

Another thing to look for when buying a cricket helmet online are the kind of materials used to manufacture them, look at helmets made using high quality moulded abs plastic as it gives you an idea about the durability levels.

4. Warranty

Another thing to check is a warranty which shows manufacturer's confidence in their product, also look for an option to return your purchase if you don't like it and opt for pay on delivery rather than cash on delivery so that there's no risk involved. When choosing a cricket helmet online keep these key factors in mind and we guarantee that you will find what you're looking for!

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Look out for fraudulent websites in Australia, they will never ship you the goods, they will keep asking you more and more details about your credit card, etc.Also, they tend to call you up on a phone number that is similar to yours. If it sounds like a scam it's probably a scam.

Do not compromise on safety and quality when looking for Cricket helmets online. If you are still unsure about buying products for cricket or would like some advice, contact the experts here at Western Sports Centre today and we will be happy to help you in every way we can!



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