The safety of cricket players is one of the major concerns in the sport. With the growing awareness about health and safety, it became important to find a way to protect cricket players from injuries as well as death due to head injuries. In 1952, Gubby Allen pressed for a helmet test after being hit by a bouncer from Lindwall during MCC vs Australian tour match at Lords. Later on, finally West Indies player,  Clive Lloyd wore a crude form of a helmet during the 1974 England-West Indies series.

In October 2012 ICC approved an update on the current design that took into consideration many factors including comfort and appearance with permission from BCCI, whose president declined wearing helmets for Indians in the December 2011 World Cup final because it would have endangered his trademark 'disc' hairstyle.

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A proper cricket helmet should meet the following criteria:

  1. They must be made of high-density plastic.
  2. The helmet should be well padded on the inside because its main purpose is to protect head from any injury, even if it's a minor one.
  3. It should come with full face protection which covers all around the face area and not just jaw area like in some helmets.
  4. Helmets for fast bowlers (Tests) must be more rigid than those worn by batsmen (T20s). This is necessary to absorb the impact generated when a fast bowler bowls at speeds of 145+ km/h
  5. Helmets for women must be lightweight in order to attain maximum comfort.
  6. They should also have a chin strap because there is always the danger of them falling down when you are in the middle of an action.

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And many more, so we can see cricket players do require helmets to protect themselves from any serious injury caused due to hard hits. Different types of accidents could happen at any time and it's important thickeners understand this and make it mandatory to wear helmets while playing cricket or when buying cricket helmet online.

The cricket helmet in Australia has changed the game of cricket completely. With helmets, many players dare to play this game who would never dream of doing that otherwise because it takes much courage to go against a hard ball that comes towards you at tremendous speed without any protection other than hand gloves and thigh pads. This has not only increased the number of people watching the game but also made the game more popular worldwide. Today it is not just cricket that people love to watch but also cricketers! So they have to protect themselves.

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Can Helmets Be Removed Mid-Game?

No. Cricket helmets are mandatory in every game. It is the ICC who specifically laid down this rule that all players must wear helmets while playing cricket on the ground, be it Test Matches or Limited Overs Matches.

Do Helmets Come With Face Masks?

Yes. All cricket helmets come with full face mask which covers all around the face area and not just jaw area like in some helmets. The complete opening at the back enables you to get through any exit quickly while keeping your head safe from any damage during an emergency situation. Some cricket helmet online also allow a chin strap for extra safety precautions thus making them more effective than other kinds of protection gears. These kinds of designs make helmets a much better protective gear as compared to other safety gears.

In this way, helmets have completely changed the face of cricket and saved many players from permanent head damage or even death which could have been caused due to serious injuries in accidents. This is because even cricket helmet online come with a good quality inner padding that protects the player's head from injury in case of any impact. So, if you are playing Cricket then be sure to wear a helmet too! Or contact us at Western Sports Centre to buy a cricket helmet online.


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