Cricket is a game of patience, and choosing the right gear when you're on the field can be important. You won't be able to perform your best if you are playing with improper shoes, bats, or pads. Cricket shoes are the most important part of cricket equipment, and a typical player will run around 2-5 kilometers during an average match.

Running on the ground in different conditions is more challenging than running on a typical track or at a park. Wearing your jogging shoes while playing cricket is not helpful, right? Read on to learn about the benefits of wearing a specific style of cricket shoes.

cricket shoes

Rubber vs. Spikes

One of your cricket shoes choices are between rubber sole shoes and spikes. Rubber soles are appropriate indoors or with turf. Another disadvantage of playing on the grass is that rubber soled shoes do not provide any extra give or traction. Spikes are perfect for increased traction and support for runners. Wearing spike shoes both supported and appropriate running on a game day. To pick the best kind of shoes to wear on a cricket field, you'll need to consider your options online.

Comfort Is Best Over Anything

When purchasing cricket shoes, comfort should be a key consideration. Running is an integral part of any game involving cricket. If you wear shoes that are too tight or too loose, it wouldn’t feel comfortable. Consider your foot size when shopping for your shoes, as well as the proper cricket techniques. Though there are many good options for spiked shoes on the market, not all of them will work with every cricketer's playing style. Go to the store and find a pair of shoes from stores that fit you.

Good Posture

cricket shoes

Maintaining your posture from the very start of a round is important to avoid injury. It's also essential for players to make sure their shoes are the right design and size so they can stand correct, run when necessary. Fast bowlers need shoes with spikes that give them a foothold on the ground and grant them greater control over how fast they run. Imagine a bowler with improper shoes - they would struggle to run on the ground. It's also true for the batsmen.

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Don't Develop Corns

Painful corns and calluses can form on your feet when you wear improper shoes, and pressure on your feet can get hurt. Choosing a comfortable pair of cricket shoes can help prevent problems during and after a cricket game. The types of shoes that are worn by batsmen and bowlers can change during a game. Bowlers need shoes with spikes all over the sole, but batsmen should wear shoes with rubber on the back and spikes at the front.

Blood Circulation

Most cricketers know the importance of drinking water and a good diet to maintain proper blood circulation during a game. However, few people think about the effect that their shoes can have on blood circulation. And regular blood circulation is essential to maintaining good health. Wearing shoes that are not just tight, but too tight, can limit your blood circulation and make you underperform during a game in Australia.




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