There are a lot more exciting things in life than purchasing a new cricket bat!

Watching our favorite players perform their jobs, at least some of our thoughts are always occupied with playing like Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Rohit Sharma, or Steve Smith. This has to do with their bat, and as a result, I've always liked the MRF because I grew up watching Sachin Tendulkar, Steve Waugh, and Brian Lara smash bowling attacks.

But, while you're anticipating the big day, there are a few things to think about when selecting the ideal cricket bat for yourself. This article should help you figure out which kind of bat is best for you! The sort of game you enjoy, as well as the conditions in which you typically play

Choosing the correct cricket bat

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It depends on a variety of things, including your style of play. Are you an accumulator or a big hitter? Do you want to play longer forms of cricket or only T20? A T20 player, for example, may want a bat with bigger edges and a longer handle to maximize leverage and send the ball flying miles. For an accumulator, it's not necessary to have large edges; instead, look for a bat that maximizes bat speed.

Cricket bats also differ in terms of curves, edges, and sweet spots. When buying a cricket bat, take account of the environments you usually play in. Do you mostly play in low, slow situations? That will necessitate a smaller sweet spot on the bat. If you play in more lively conditions, the situation is reversed.

Size Of The Cricket Bat

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The size of the bat is critical when selecting the appropriate cricket bat. Choose the correct size bat based on your height. When aligning to face a delivery, you will notice a significant imbalance in your form if your bat is either too short or tall.

When getting ready to face a delivery, you don't want to be crouching too low or standing up too straight because your bat is either too short or long. Because you aren't in the ideal stance right away to play the delivery, performance may suffer.

So, which size is ideal for you? As a quick reference, the following is your go-to method. You should be able to stand up straight and upright while utilizing the correct-sized bat with your hand placed on top of it and your palm touching the top of the handle. If you've used a decent bat before, there's no need to go through the hassle of performing these tests.

Cricket Bat Weight

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The weight of the bat is also critical to select a bat that is suitable for you. The typical bat used by a professional cricketer is 2'9 to 2'11 pounds, which is considered normal or slightly heavier.

However, you may still acquire an excellent bat at a somewhat lower weight if you don't exercise regularly. Bat-making has come a long way in recent years; powerful bats no longer have to be hefty.

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With your top hand, hold the bat out in front of you to see if it's the correct weight. If your hand is not stable, the bat is too heavy. Holding the bat with your top hand and swinging it like a weighted bat is another option.

Face the ball as if you're going to deliver it, then lift and hold the bat with your top hand. You have the right-weighted bat if you are nice and steady. If you've previously owned a decent bat, you'd feel pretty confident about selecting one without any of these checks.


Your Budget

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Cricket bats are like paradise for cricket enthusiasts!

However, to some people, this may also imply feeling overwhelmed by too many alternatives. If you have a specific budget in mind, this can help you narrow down your search to bats that are better suited to your budget.

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Of course, if you play frequently against strong bowling attacks, it's vital that you invest in a high-quality bat. However, for example, there may be times when you're buying a bat for your child who is constantly growing. In this instance, a tighter budget might assist since the bat may need to be replaced in a year or two.

Willow Grade & Number of Grains on Bat

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There are several choices to consider when selecting a bat, depending on your budget.

If you want to spend more money on a bat, Grade One or Two bats are fantastic bets. Lower grades are suitable alternatives for lower budgets, but keep in mind that you may still obtain a decent bat.

“Bat Grains” refers to the quality of a bat's willow. The greater the number of grains, and the straighter they are, the better the bat.

So, if you're still unsure about which cricket bat is ideal for you, read on. Western Sports Centre provides a variety of high-quality bats to select from. Enjoy the game of cricket to the fullest in Australia!


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