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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
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New Balance Cricket Bats Short Hand New Balance DC1280  Pro Players Adult Cricket Bat
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New Balance Cricket Bats Short Hand / 2.8 lbs New Balance Burn+ Adult Cricket Bat
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New Balance Cricket Bats Long Blade / 2.9 lbs New Balance Burn Adult Cricket Bat
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New Balance Cricket Bats Small Adult New Balance DC380 Junior Cricket Bat


Cricket bats are a unique with various characteristics that make each bat ideal for another player. It is essential to choose a cricket bat that is the best fit for you, allowing you to achieve the best results when batting. Here are some key characteristics to take into account when selecting a cricket bat online.

The Price 

The bat’s price is a big thing to consider before buying a bat as some bats are costly. To set a budget for your new bat, first, you need to determine the level of play you will be involved in. Once you have placed your budget, you will want to select the bat you will need. The game is becoming increasingly expensive, with the best batsmen in the world spending lots of money on their bat.

Cricket Bat Weight

The most significant factor you should consider when shopping for a cricket bat is weight. The importance of a cricket bat will affect its performance on the pitch. Cricket bats are typically heavy at the bottom and lighter at the top to help batsmen keep the bat face closed. So, does the weight of the bat matter? Yes, it does.

Cricket bat size & shape

Another thing to consider is the size and the shape of the bat. Size refers to the length of the bat. A bat that is too short may be awkward to swing, while a bat that is too long will negatively affect your swing. The shape of a cricket bat is the size of the bat’s face, which is the area where the ball is meant to hit. The sweet spot is the part of the bat where the ball is most likely to hit. A bat with a more prominent sweet spot will deliver more consistent hits and thus more consistent results.

Cricket Bat Quality

The two most popular types of willow are English & Kashmir Willow. Each type has its characteristics and is ideal for specific performance levels. The grade indicates the bats’ strength, which is closely linked to willow in the bat. Bats come in a variety of grades, a higher grade cricket bat being more expensive.

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