Hitman 45 Players Kit Bag

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Hitman 45 Players Kit Bag 

  • Split design with a hard base and soft upper section.
  • Padded pull handle.
  • Padded construction.
  • Premium quality wheelie bag with full length runners.

Buy your Favorite Cricket Kit Bag from Western Sports Centre

Cricket Bag Types & Size

The Wheelie cricket bag is most common, but there is the Duffle cricket bag, Cricket kit bag, rucksack and large tour bags.

The important things to look at when making a purchasing decisions in buying a cricket bag are:

Size :

  1. Level of Cricket you are playing at.
  2. Storage options required and additional extras

Cricket Bag Sizes

You need to choose the right size cricket to suit your requirements. Things to consider

  • Single Kit vs Multiple Kit – Multiple Cricket Kits will require bigger bags.
  • Batsman Vs Wicketkeeper – wicketkeepers are more likely to require a large cricket bag, because you will have to find room for both wicketkeeping equipment and batting equipment.
  • You will need plenty of storage space if you carry cricket balls, spare kit, scorebooks and coaching/fitness aids.
  • If you travel then a large cricket kit bag will come in handy, so that you can store both your cricket kit and everyday clothes and toiletries in one sizeable storage solution.
  • Senior cricketers will require a large cricket bag compared to junior cricketers as the size of the cricket equipment for senior cricketers are larger.
  • We would consider a large wheelie cricket bag to have a width of at least 90cm and a depth and height of over 40cm and height of at least 90cm.
  • A medium-sized wheelie cricket bag will be approximately sized at a width of around 80cm and a height and depth around 40cm. Anything less than these dimensions will be considered a small wheelie or kit bag.
  • A large cricket duffle bag will boast a height of at least 90cm and a width and depth of approximated 35-40cm.
  • A medium duffle bag will have a height of approximately 80cm and a width and depth of approximately 30-35cm.
  • While a small cricket duffle bag will have a height nearer to 70cm and a height and width of 30cm of less.


Purchase a cricket bag so that you can fit in all your cricket gear and some extras easily and transport your cricket gear simply.

Cricket wheelie bags tend to boast multiple pockets and have a large opening that enables you to rummage through with ease, yet duffle bags allow you to carry them over your shoulder.

Wheelie cricket bag features:

Cricket Wheelie Bag
  1. Pull handle (like a suitcase).
  2. Split top design or U-shaped aperture.
  3. Dividers to keep certain items of gear separate from others.
  4. Padded shoulder straps.

Cricket wheelie bag purchasing decisions:

  1. Size
  2. Level of practicality
  3. Storage options and additional extras

Cricket Bag Storage Options

  1. A valuables pocket with a pad lock.
  2. A bat cave or pocket for one or multiple bats.
  3. A cool zone designed to keep drinks cold.
  4. Helmet pocket.
  5. Waterproof shoe tunnel.

Some cricket bags come with multiple bags, which features a large main bag, clothing kit bag and a toiletries bag

What Type of Cricket Bag is Right for Me?

That’s a very good question without a straightforward answer, as it’s totally up to the individual’s personal preference. But the below information will help you answer the question yourself.

Wheelie Cricket Bags

The wheeled cricket bag is perhaps the most popular choice, as it is very easy to transport on flat terrain and takes the pressure off your shoulders. However, if your dressing room is upstairs, wheelie bags can be a little more difficult to pick-up and carry compared to their duffle bag counterparts. Some cricket wheelie bags may come with a pull handle for additional practicality. Commonly known as ‘wheelies’, these bags are usually quite large and have a large aperture to enable you to navigate around the inner part of your bag fairly easily.

Cricket Duffle Bags

Cricket duffle bags, or cricket duffles, have become extremely popular over the last few seasons, as some cricketers prefer to have an over-the-shoulder bag instead of the traditional wheelie. These are particularly good for training, especially if you’re not taking all of your match-day items with you.

If you own a lot of cricket gear then you may be better off with a wheelie, because you won’t want to put all that weight on your shoulders, but the cricket duffle bag offers a highly contemporary alternative, while some stand-up duffle bags are not too dissimilar to stand-up wheelie bags. The shoulder straps are what define the duffle bag, which make it very easy to carry upstairs.

Cricket Duffle Bag

Cricket Backpacks & Rucksacks

Cricket rucksacks are a traditional option designed for the occasional player or those that do not own a lot of cricket gear. They are also a useful option for the junior who is used to wearing a backpack at school. 

Cricket Tour Bags

Cricket tour bags and large cricket bags are usually in the form of a traditional cricket wheelie with a pull handle option. They are large in size to accommodate plenty of cricket gear, clothing and accessories, while some may come with more than one bag.

Despite their large nature, cricket tour bags should fit in to most reasonably car boots, but it is worth measuring up first if you own a small car. Tour bags usually have a stand-up design, multiple pockets and wheels on the bottom.

Cricket Kit Bags

Cricket kit bags tend to be over-the-shoulder bags that are not quite as sizeable as the traditional wheelie or duffle. They are perfect for storing clothing and accessories, but don’t usually provide adequate space for batting pads and a cricket bat.

Some players opt for a medium-sized wheelie or duffle bag for their cricket gear, as well as a kit bag for their apparel, valuables, drinks and party shoes!

A cricket kit bag alone may be enough for the occasional cricketer – those that play the odd corporate match or village friendly – as the club or organisation may provide the core batting equipment for its players.

Other Types of Cricket Kit Bags

  • Cricket ball bag: For storing cricket balls and bowling machine balls
  • Cricket drinks cooler: Keep your drinks cold throughout the match
  • Cricket bat cover: Protect your cricket bat from marks and chips with a bat cover.
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