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A bad bat grip can make it difficult to function on a cricket pitch while you're batting. With sweat accumulating on your palms, there is a high risk of the bat slipping out, especially if you're wearing batting gloves. An important but daunting task that a batter must complete is replacing or putting on a cricket bat grip.

Now that we know how to put on a cricket bat grip, let's take a look at how to do it.

Using the 'gripper' or a 'cone' or a shopping bag, one can attach a grip to a cricket bat. A variety of grips are available in the market. You should choose the grip that meets your budget and sports needs. Be sure to tape the grip's bottom to keep it intact. Western Sports Centre, a cricket warehouse located in Melbourne, carries all cricket accessories.

What is the purpose of changing a cricket bat grip?

Cricket batsmen change their grips for a variety of reasons. It is common for an old bat grip to wear out and make batting uncomfortable. It can be painful to bat with an old bat grip; let alone play your shots freely. As such, you are required to change your grip in order to use a cricket bat smoothly.

There is also the aesthetic choice of the batsman. There is no color or choice of grip on your existing bat, so you can buy the one you prefer, if you prefer it over the existing bat; could be dotted grips, coloured grips, or multicolored grips. For heavy-weighted bats, players may prefer more than one grip, which makes the bat seem lighter and more comfortable to play with.

A new grip may also help to instill a new sense of confidence in the batsman when he/she switches to it. You might like the color because it expresses your personality or you might prefer the grip because it will make you more comfortable at the plate, allowing you to score more runs.

Purchase a Bat Grip for Your Bat Handle

Depending on the thickness of the rubber used, there are different types of bat grips that are available, which impacts their durability and ensures effective results. The following are three types of grips:

Chevron Grips

Chevron grips are the first type of grip. They have proven to be very effective despite their simplicity. This bat grip is made of thin rubber and provides ample grip for the bat. As they do not make the handle heavier, rather they make it easier to grip the bat and play the shots, they work best with bats whose handles are a bit too thick.

Dynamic Grips

As of now, there are multiple options in the medium thickness category when it comes to bat grips, and this type of grip has plenty of advantages, one of which is that it makes the bat lighter.

Players can choose from the Dynamic grip for a medium thickness. Dynamic grips are constructed using a half-and-half combination of chevron type grips and ring type grips.

It is thicker towards the bottom hand side of the dynamic grip, which provides an extra cushion for the bottom hand. With this type of grip, you can make your bat lighter and more comfortable while lifting it for hours on end.

Octopus Grips

In addition, thicker rubber grips are available for use, commonly referred to as Octopus grips. These grips are thicker and provide greater durability. Furthermore, these types of grips are better suited for thin bat handles.

In order to avoid repetitive strain injuries, you should ensure that the grip is not too rigid due to a heavy load of training and playing.

The three most widely used grips on the market were these three.

Dispose of the old bat Grip.

It is rather easy to get started with this part of the process, as removing the old grip is a rather straightforward process. Roll the rubber grip up and slide it off, or cut it off or tear it and throw it away to make room for a new one. This process is made easier by the fact that old grips wear out over time and the rubber can be easily torn apart.

By the end, you will have the empty handle on hand, ready to receive a new grip and begin using it.

Place the Cricket Grip on the handle

The importance of this part of the process cannot be overstated. By nature, cricket bat grips are designed to be grippy, and once you put them on the handle, especially the new ones, they become attached to the handle in a way so that it is nearly impossible to remove them from the handle. This proves their durability and that they are made of good rubber.

Although it can be a little intimidating to put on cricket grips on a handle for the first time, there are certain ways to do it. If you know a few simple tricks, you may be asked by a lot of people to help them put grips on their baseball bats.

Using a Cricket Grip Cone

Using a cricket grip cone is one of the simplest ways to put a grip on your bat, but there are a few steps to follow. You should first place the grip over the pointed end of the cone and roll the grip towards the fat end of the cone. Stop rolling midway through the cone.

Remove the grip from the cone as soon as you've finished this step. Now the point should be on top of the un-rolled end of the cone. Once you have done this, roll the grip to the bottom of the cone (metal base), which leaves the grip shaped like a doughnut.

Afterwards, get the bat and place the open end of the cone on top of the handle of the bat. Then roll the grip down to the bottom of the bat and make sure it remains in a doughnut shape throughout the process.

After unrolling the grip upwards, make sure to unfold the grip completely. It is possible to find extra grip either on the bottom or top of the handle if that has not been done perfectly.

Plastic bags are useful

Placing a cricket bat grip on with a plastic bag is one of the simplest and most economical methods. Once you get the hang of it, it's very easy. First, get a plastic bag and place the open end of the bag at the bottom of the grip.

You should place the open end of the bag over the top of the handle of the bat when the bag is inside the grip. Afterwards, you need to firmly slide the bag down the handle until the grip reaches the bottom. In the next step, you will need to be extremely careful because the plastic bag is now stuck inside the grip.

In order to remove this, one must cut towards the top of the handle at the top of the bag. Then, roll the grip downward from the top towards the middle. As soon as it is possible to do so, cut the top half off of the bag and pull it away. Roll the grip back up to the top and repeat this process for the remaining half of the bag inside the bottom half of the grip.

If necessary, add a second grip to the bat

Double grip layers can be added to improve the grip of the batsman on his bat. As the bat feels lighter with a second grip, it also provides extra cushion while batting, allowing the batter to play his shots freely.

Affix tape to the grip's base

Batsmen should pay special attention to the base of their grip since constant use of the bottom hand and friction can cause the grip to move upwards. This disrupts the batsman's concentration. Taping the base of the grip prevents this from happening since it keeps the grip from shifting too much and keeps it in the same place.

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In this article, we hope to provide you with all the information you need to help yourself while putting on your cricket bat grip, including the type of grip you might like to purchase. During a game, comfort is always accumulated by a batter's grip. Keep a spare in your pocket at all times