Cricket Bag Cleaning: How to do it?

When was the last time you cleaned or wiped your Cricket Bag? But it isn't your fault. While following their passion for playing cricket, most players ignore this simple aspect of taking care of their cricket bag. As we frequently clean our clothes, shoes, and towels, we must also keep our cricket bag clean as well.

Cricketers should inculcate a habit of regularly cleaning their cricket bags, not only from the outside, but also from the inside. When using the washing machine or handwashing, be sure to remove the straps. The cricket bag should be dried completely before using it again.

Let's look at some simple steps you can follow to clean your cricket bag. We'll start with the easiest one - consistency.

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Keeping Your Cricket Bag Clean

Cricket batting gloves, cricket bats, and other equipment can be stored in a cricket bag. You can make sure your bag lasts a long time by performing the maintenance steps described below.

Clean Out Your Bag Regularly

The cricket bags naturally become dirty after playing days of cricket. Cricket gears can be affected by dirt, dust, moisture and sweat from the inside. The bag should be cleaned frequently, just like bed sheets, towels, and shoes.

In addition to preventing unwanted smells, regular cleaning will also help to preserve the bag's overall appearance, feel, and hygiene. Also, a clean bag gives the cricketer a more positive feeling.

Turn the Cricket Bag Inside Out

Cleaning a cricket bag involves more than just the outside. Cleaning the inner side is even more important. Oil-based stains may require extra spot cleaning. Cricket bats, cricket pads, batting gloves, helmets, guards, shoes, and jerseys are a few items that make the inside of a cricket bag smelly and messy.

Turning the cricket bag inside-out before washing is a simple way to accomplish this. As a result, you will also ensure that all the gear, cricket gloves, etc. are removed before cleaning. So, don't forget to turn your cricket bag inside out the next time you wash it.

Remove any straps before washing.

It is important to do this if you will be washing your cricket bag by machine. In the case of bags with detachable straps, it is best to take them off; otherwise, just tie them up so that they do not get tangled in the spinning drum of the washing machine.

Furthermore, if the straps are not detached or tied up, the inner part of the washing machine drums could be damaged. It might be helpful to add towels or sheets of similar colors as a cushion for the inner drum.

Wash on the delicate cycle.

If your washing machine has this option, you should wash with cold water and use the 'gentle cycle.' A half cup of vinegar, as well as a typical chunk of washing powder, because vinegar has odour-fighting properties. You can, of course, use any of your favourite liquid cleansers if that's what you want.

Hang the Cricket Bag to Dry

After the machine round is finished, remove your cricket bag, loosen the straps (if they were tied), and hang it up to dry. You'll be able to utilise your brand new bag in a matter of hours.

Get Rid of the Dirty Stuff

You must not only clean your cricket bags on a regular basis, but you must also make sure that dirty cricket gear is not kept in your bag for an extended period of time. Sweat collects in batting gloves and cricket pads, which can become stinky over time.

Take away the soiled shoes, pads, and other items once you get home to avoid odours and bacteria building up within your cricket bag. This will also help your bag stay cleaner for a longer period of time.

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Handwash Instead of Machine Wash

You must determine whether or not your bag may be machine washed. Machine washing may be harmful to some bags. In such situations, 'handwashing' is the only option. However, this should not cause you any concern or cause you to clean more frequently.

Handwashing is, in fact, just as effective and not as difficult. Pour some washing powder or mild soap into a basin of warm water, then dip a towel, a rag, or a soft cloth into the diluted mixture and wipe the cricket bag's inner and outside surfaces with the dampened fabric.

Take another clean rag or towel and immerse it in clean water before wiping the bag. If you want an extra clean impression, use Lysol spray, which can destroy bacteria while also reducing odours.

Baking soda can also be used to remove unpleasant odours and grime.

Take a look at the washing instructions.

Washing instructions are usually found on a label or in a brochure that comes with the cricket bag.

To have a better cleaning experience and to avoid any unintended harm to the cricket bags, please be attentive and read those directions. These details are normally available in an online sports store, so you can read them before purchasing cricket equipment.

Leather Should Be Given Extra Care

Leather surfaces benefit from the use of a leather cleaning. If your cricket bag includes leather portions, you should pay special attention to them because leather is a porous material that is easily damaged by water and humidity.

In that scenario, handwashing the rest of the bag is the only option, and your favourite cricket bag should be treated with a dedicated leather conditioner or cleaner. Leather wipes are also used to maintain leather products clean and in good condition.

Make use of the Compartment Functions

If your cricket bag has multiple compartments or pockets, you should use them to store various pieces of cricket equipment, such as cricket shoes, batting gloves, and pads.

It will prevent clutter, and dust and odour will be contained in small pockets of the bag rather than spreading across the entire bag. It's also a good idea to clean these compartments and pockets.

Final Thoughts on Cricket Bag Cleaning

I hope this post has given you enough information on how to maintain your cricket bag clean and free of odours and filth, as well as how easy it is to do so.

It's only a matter of getting into the habit of cleaning the cricket bag on a regular basis using the methods listed above, since most of the time, some hot water and a soft cloth would suffice.

To extend the life of your cricket bag, use leather conditioner if necessary and stick to your routine as much as possible.